Recent Studios & Courses:

  • Many Lives of Architecture

    Many Lives of Architecture

    Arch 402 is the final studio of the bachelor’s degree education in Bilkent. Being the graduation studio, it aims to increase the autonomy of the student, and provide some introduction to further specialization areas in architecture. Students are expected to define their own design problem, plan and conduct their own research accordingly. The studio requires…

  • Generative Industry Zone Redevelopment at Izmır Port

    Generative Industry Zone Redevelopment at Izmır Port

    Interlacing Layers of History, Industrial and Commercial Heritage through Sustainable Urbanity: Generative Industry Zone Redevelopment at İzmir Port Area, Alsancak For the Spring Term 2023-2024, ARCH 302 focused on the complex urban layers at the heart of İzmir. The course specifically examined the southern part of İzmir Port in Alsancak, reinterpreting it as a new…

  • Co-Creation Hub Re – inventing Working and Learning

    Co-Creation Hub Re – inventing Working and Learning

    ARCH 202 Architectural Design Studio II explored the transition from inflexible architectural functions to rich, cooperative spaces. Employers had shifted to working from cafés instead of traditional office buildings, while small classrooms became monotonous compared to interactive learning opportunities in museums and cultural centers. The semester’s project aimed to create a co-creative hub integrating working…

  • Bilkent Art Festival

    Bilkent Art Festival

    In FA 102 Basic Design II students were tasked with designing the spatial layout for the Arts Festival on a designated site at the Bilkent University campus. The festival would span five days, and the open, semi-open, and closed spaces will consist of temporary structures that will be dismantled at the event’s conclusion. The students’…

  • Arch 418 Final Debates

    Arch 418 Final Debates

    The ARCH 418 Professional Practice Course culminates in student debates, emphasizing the multifaceted and interdisciplinary nature of architecture in today’s complex urban environments. Paired students choose from a range of topics to engage in a debate, highlighting benefits, drawbacks and defendable aspects of each topic. These debates are crucial for fostering critical thinking, creativity and…

Past Studio Works:

  • Perifora Exhibited Machine
  • Küçük Liman
  • Exhibition Space
  • Nevşehir Explorations
  • Spectrum Housing
  • Tripartite dwelling
  • Reconceptualize Urban Mass Housing
  • An Embassy Residence in Ankara: Home on Another Land
  • Gordion Excavation House
  • Riverside Retreat
  • Gordion Excavation House
  • The Buzzing Question
  • Go With The Flow
  • FLOCK: The System
  • Go With The Flow

Research Stories:

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