Arch 418 Final Debates

The ARCH 418 Professional Practice Course culminates in student debates, emphasizing the multifaceted and interdisciplinary nature of architecture in today’s complex urban environments. Paired students choose from a range of topics to engage in a debate, highlighting benefits, drawbacks and defendable aspects of each topic. These debates are crucial for fostering critical thinking, creativity and innovation in architecture by encouraging the exchange of ideas and addressing challenges like sustainability and urbanization. Furthermore, debates raise public awareness, encourage community engagement, and can influence policy and regulation by advocating for change.  Interdisciplinary collaboration during these debates leads to comprehensive solutions for complex issues, with well-documented arguments serving as valuable resources for future reference and the historical record of architectural ideas. Each debate focuses on specific domains, using real-life cases to guide discussions and help the audience reach a consensus.

Course: Arch 418 Professional Practice, 2024 Spring
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