Graduate Studies in Architecture

Department of Architecture at Bilkent University (BUDA) offers Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree in Architecture to equip students with advanced skills in architectural design and in-depth critical thinking on architectural theories. The graduate program invites students who would like to excel in using current technologies and broaden ways of creative thinking in architecture. This 2-year program has a research-based curriculum, with a thesis as the end product for the degree.

* History and Theory: Comprising topics related to social, cultural, historical, and theoretical aspects of architecture criticism, architecture and society/community, urbanism, preservation.

* Architectural Technologies: Comprising current technologies in architecture, design and construction (building science, structure, digital technologies, computation and acoustics.

*Urban Studies: Comprising current issues in urban studies and urban design, urban memory, politics and environmental history.

About the Program:


All applicants are required to have a Bachelor of Architecture degree or a B.S. degree in a related field of design. Students with a B.S. degree in a related field may be requested to take several undergraduate courses in architecture to acquire necessary background in the field.

Admission requirements include ALES (Akademik Personel ve Lisansüstü Eğitimi Giriş Sınavı – Academic Personnel and Postgraduate Education Entrance Examination) scores, past academic records, reference letters, and a statement of purpose. Applicants who are not Turkish citizens and/or Turkish citizen applicants who are residents of another country may submit GRE exam results instead of ALES. All non-native speakers of English are required to submit a proof of satisfactory knowledge of English. Applicants who meet the requirements are invited for an interview upon which the applicant’s admission is decided.

Application Deadline: 4 June 2024
Date of Interviews: 1-3 July 2024

Contact Person:
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Burcu Şenyapılı, Department Chair
E-mail: For application requirements and more information:

Courses and Degree Requirements

Following the completion of at least 21 credit units of course work in the first year of study, the candidates must prepare and successfully defend a thesis through taking two seminar courses in their area of specialization. The duration of the program is four semesters.


Course CodeCourse NameCourse Credit 
ARCH 513Theory and Methodology35
ARCH 514Architectural Readings35
ARCH 515Topics in Architectural Technology35
ARCH 516Computational Design Technologies35
ARCH 517
Advanced Visualization Studio35
ARCH 533Analysis of Buildings35
ARCH 534Structural Analysis35
ARCH 550Current Issues in Architectural Design35
ARCH 563
Modern Turkish Architecture35
ARCH 564Space and Culture35
ARCH 565
Contemporary Architecture and Theory35
ARCH 566
Architectural Theory and Criticism35
ARCH 590ARCH Graduate Seminar1
ARCH 599Master’s Thesis71


 Course Credit  
Course CodeCourse NameBilkentECTSSpecifications / When to enroll
GE 500Research Methods and
Academic Publication Ethics
1To be enrolled in the 1st and 2nd semester
GE 590Academic Practices12To be enrolled EVERY semester
ARCH 590(ARCH) Graduate Seminar1To be enrolled in the 3rd semester of the program
ARCH 599Master’s Thesis71To be enrolled EVERY semester
except the 1st semester
ARCH513 (or GE512) *1 Core Graduate Course35To be enrolled
within the first year of the program
ARCH5XX *2 Restricted Graduate Electives3 credit (each)5 credit (each)Any ARCH5XX coded courses
with minimum 3 credits
5XX or 6XX *4 Graduate Electives3 credit (each)5 credit (each)Any 5XX or 6XX coded courses
with minimum 3 credits
(with the consent of the program coordinator/advisor)

* at least 21 credit course work.

** Following the completion of at least 21 credit units of course work, preferably in the first year of study, the candidates must prepare and successfully defend a thesis by the end of their second year. The expected duration of the program is four semesters.

** Students with a B.S. degree not in architecture but in a related field will be expected to take three (3) undergraduate courses in architecture in addition to the regular course load requirement to acquire necessary background in the field. 

** After fulfilling the course load required for the degree, the student can enroll to additional courses.

Contact Person:
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Burcu Şenyapılı, Department Chair
E-mail: For application requirements and more information:


Aslıhan Günhan Çalışkan, Ph.D.

Email: aslihan.gunhan [at]

Areas of Interests: #modernity #migration #dispossession #architecture #OttomanEmpire #Turkey

Dr. Aslıhan Günhan specializes in exploring the histories of modernity in the late Ottoman Empire, particularly focusing on migration, dispossession, and violence.

Aysu Berk Haznedaroğlu, Ph.D.

Asistant Professor
Email: aysu.berk[at]

Areas of interest: #structure #building science #architecturaltechnologies

Dr. Aysu Berk’s research interests are shaped around the relationship between structural system-form, architectural geometry, construction and construction process of free-form structures and the importance of material selection in this process.

Ayşe Henry, Ph.D. (Co-Advisorship Only)

Email: ayse.henry[at]

Areas of interest: #conservation #historical sites #historical environments

Dr. Ayşe Henry’s research interests focus specifically on the Late Antique and Byzantine periods, covering general themes such as the space and divinity and the conservation of historical sites.

Burcu Şenyapılı Özcan, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Department Chair
Email: burcu[at]

Areas of interest: #computer aided design #history of architecture #design education

Dr. Burcu Şenyapılı Özcan’s research interest are architectural design, design education, computer-aided design, history of architecture and e-learning.

Bülent Batuman, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Associate Dean
Email: batuman [at]

Areas of interest: #urban politics #architectural politics #history and theory of architecture & urbanism

Dr. Bülent Batuman’s research areas include social production and politics of built environment, history and theory of modern architecture and urbanism, and urban politics.

Deniz Üçer Erduran, Ph.D. (Co-Advisorship Only)

Email: deniz.ucer [at]

Areas of interest: #structural systems #construction materials #environmental impact analysis

Dr. Deniz Üçer Erduran has experience in teaching structural systems, construction materials, and environmental impact analysis.

Ezgi İşbilen, Ph.D.

Asistant Professor
Email: ezgi.isbilen [at]

Areas of interest: #architecturaltheory #contemporaryarchitecture #tectonics #architecturalrepresentation

Dr. Ezgi İşbilen, Assistant Professor, specializes in the relationship between architectural theory and contemporary production, with a focus on tectonics and representation.

Giorgio Gasco, Ph.D.

Visiting Assistant Professor
Email: giorgio.gasco [at]

Areas of interest: #architectural design #20th century architectural history and theory

Dr. Giorgio Gasco’s research interests cover architectural design, design education, 20th century architectural history and theories. Gasco continues his research on the restoration work of the early Republican principles in Turkey, design education and the concept space.

Özge Selen Duran, Ph.D. (Co-Advisorship Only)

Email: selen.duran[at]

Areas of interest: #design process management #building design development #process optimization

Dr. Özge Selen Duran is specialized in design process management, interdisciplinary project and process optimization, as well as sustainable lifecycles in multidisciplinary building design developments.

Segah Sak, Ph.D. (Co-Advisorship Only)

Email: segah[at]

Areas of interest: #criticism #culture #society #urbanism #memory

Dr. Segah Sak’s research is interdisciplinary and lies in the intersection of architecture, urban issues, memory studies, digital humanities, and environmental psychology.

Yiğit Acar, Ph.D. (Co-Advisorship Only)

Email: yigit.acar[at]

Areas of interest: #digital humanities #data mining #computerized presentation techniques

Dr. Yiğit Acar’s research interests include theory of architecture and urbanism, data mining, artificial intelligence and visualization.

Zühre Sü Gül, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Practice
Email: zuhre[at]

Areas of interest: #architectural acoustics #noise control #acoustical materials

Dr. Zühre Sü Gül continues her research on room acoustics, building acoustics, noise control in buildings, vibration isolation, acoustical materials, coupled spaces, modeling of sound fields by diffusion equation.

Concluded Theses

Mahmudov, Elif Ilgın. “Public space formation in peripheral urban development: a comparative analysis of Batıkent and İncek districts.” Master’s thesis, Advisor: Bülent Batuman, 2023.

Demet, Gönülnur. “Pivoting on the church of St. John Exoteichos: from the empire to modern Trabzon.” Master’s thesis, Advisor: Burcu Şenyapılı Özcan and Ayşe Henry, 2023.

Ejaz, Khawaja Talha. “A study on shell structures through a comparative case study analysis.” Master’s thesis, Advisor: Aysu Berk Haznedaroğlu, 2023.

Tarman, Damla. “Biobased sound absorptive panel system design and development using fruit seeds.” Master’s thesis, Advisor: Zühre Sü Gül, 2023.

Kaynar, Melek. “Spatial-making of urban populism: The case of post-gezi Taksim.” Master’s thesis, Advisor: Bülent Batuman, 2023.

Leblebici, Elif. “Impact of intermediate and informal adaptations on the reuse of post-industrial sites: from Hasanpaşa Gasworks to Müze Gazhane.” Master’s thesis, Advisor: Giorgio Gasco and Segah Sak, 2023.

Jamil, Maryam. “Gendered urban imaginations: literary representations of Lahore and Heera Mandi.” Master’s thesis, Advisor: Bülent Batuman, 2023.

Karakaya, Ceylin. “Transcultural dwelling: an exploration of finnish and Japanese influences in Alvar Aalto’s design of Villa Mairea.” Master’s thesis, Advisor: Giorgio Gasco, 2023.

H’sain, Houssame Eddine. “Deep reinforcement learning for urban modeling: morphogenesis simulation of self-organized settlements.” Master’s thesis, Advisor: Burcu Şenyapılı Özcan and Yiğit Acar, 2023.

Oktar, Nadide Pınar. “Influences of structural systems on form and space integrity of free-form buildings: an investigation through case studies.” Master’s thesis, Advisor: Aysu Berk Haznedaroğlu, 2023.

Yılgın, Cem. “Utzon’s Middle East: The Reinterpretation of the Traditional Middle Eastern Architecture in the Work of Jørn Utzon.” Master’s thesis, Advisor: Chen-Yu Chiu, 2022.

Şenel, Ayşenur. “Claiming Mosque Space: Women’s Agency in Mosque Architecture in Contemporary Turkey.” Master’s thesis, Advisor: Bülent Batuman, 2022.

Atay, Gülnihan. “Acoustical Characterization of Clay Pots in Ottoman Architecture through Experimental and Numerical Analysis Methods.” Master’s thesis, Advisor: Zühre Sü Gül, 2022.

Sunsal, Beliz. “The Effect of Modular Systems on Spatial Design and Diversity: Analysis through Constructed Modular Buildings.” Master’s thesis, Advisor: Aysu Berk Haznedaroğlu, 2022.

Erdoğan, İlknur. “Female Experience of Space: Readings from Two Novels.” Master’s thesis, Advisors: Giorgio Gasco and Segah Sak, 2022.

Makinacı, İrem Merve. “The Role of Structural Systems and Building Materials in Sustainable Post-Expo Use of World Expo Pavilions.” Master’s thesis, Advisor: Aysu Berk Haznedaroğlu, 2022.

Güngör, Ezgi Nur. “Archipelago as a Tool to Study Urban Form: The Case of Ankara.” Master’s thesis, advisors Giorgio Gasco and Yiğit Acar, 2022.

Demir, Buse. “Prospects, Policies and Practices of Mass Housing in Turkey, 1960s – 1980s: Housing the Middle Class with the Sincan – Elvanköy New Town Experiment.” Master’s thesis, Advisor: Giorgio Gasco, 2022.

Yavuzyiğit, Bilge Begüm. “Placemaking During the Pandemic: Exploring the Spaces of Celebrations in Turkey through Twitter.” Master’s thesis, Advisors: Burcu Şenyapılı and Segah Sak, 2022.

Naeemaee, Rozhin. “Assessment of Reverberance Perception and Preferential Acoustical Conditions in Educational Atriums.” Master’s thesis, Advisor: Zühre Sü Gül, 2022.

Gülşen, Meltem Nur. “Negotiating Archeology and Urbanization at Bodrum Peninsula.” Master’s thesis, advisors Bülent Batuman and Ayşe Henry, 2022.

Adeeb, Ali Haydar. “An Archeoacoustic Study of Cappadocia; Acoustical Identification of Religious and Secular Indoor Spaces.” Master’s thesis, Advisors: Zühre Sü Gül and Ayşe Henry, 2022.

Kara, Naciye. “A Survey on the Emotional Responses of Users to Building Forms: Focusing on Digitally Manipulated Curvilinearity.” Master’s thesis, Advisor: Aysu Berk, 2021.

Gökoğlu, Münevver Duygu. “Revealing the Potential of Human-Centered Design in Architecture.” Master’s thesis, Advisor: Aysu Berk, 2021.

Cengu, Suard. “Visibility-Based Assessment of Urban Form: An Alternative Perspective for the Residential Development in Urban Peripheries.” Master’s thesis, Advisor: Bülent Batuman, 2021.

Gürata, Deniz. “What a Kitchen Can Be: A Food-Centric Approach.” Master’s thesis, Advisor: Bülent Batuman, 2021.

Bayatlı, Semire. “The Role of Toponymy in Neoliberal Urbanization, Case Study: İncek, Ankara.” Master’s thesis, Advisor: Bülent Batuman, 2021.

Lale, Nilgün. “Tracing Conservative Modernization of Turkey between 2010-2020: School Architecture in Istanbul’s Historical Peninsula.” Master’s thesis, Advisor: Giorgio Gasco, 2021.

Roshani, Mahya. “Social Affordances of Residential Open Spaces: Case Study of Dikmen Valley, Ankara.” Master’s thesis, Advisor: Bülent Batuman, 2020.

Barut, Berrin. “Architecture and Cinema: Analysis of the Relationship between Narrative and Architectural Space in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy.” Master’s thesis, Advisor: Aysu Berk Haznedaroğlu, 2020.

Yazıcı, Beyza. “Biomimetic Acoustic Metamaterial Design for Architectural Applications.” Master’s thesis, Advisor: Zühre Sü Gül, 2020.

Baiborieva, Zhamilia. “Building of a ‘New’ Architectural Tradition in Kyrgyzstan: The Case Study of the Open Air Park Manas Ayili.” Master’s thesis, Advisor: Giorgio Gasco, 2020.

Tabrizi, Helyaneh Aboutalebi. “Islamic Feminism as an Inquiry into the Creation of Mothers’ Paradise Women-Only Park, Tehran.” Master’s thesis, Advisor: Chen-Yu Chiu, 2019.

Bozkurt, Eda. “The Changing Dynamics of the Architectural Profession in Turkey, 1960s-1970s: The Rise of Participatory Design and the Experimental Case of İzmit New Settlements Project.” Master’s thesis, Advisor: Giorgio Gasco, 2019.

Yousefimehr, Ali. “Smart Cities: Analyzing Themes and Concepts of Smartness in Urban Environments.” Master’s thesis, Advisor: Giorgio Gasco, 2019.

Erdem, Aslı. “A Coordinate System Proposal for Investigating the Changing Body-Space Relationship Regarding Interactivity.” Master’s thesis, Advisor: Burcu Şenyapılı Özcan, 2019.

Öztürk, Selen. “A Classification Matrix Proposal for Digital Fabrication Techniques in Architecture.” Master’s thesis, Advisor: Burcu Şenyapılı Özcan, 2018.

Gürel, Adel. “Cognitive Comparison of Using Hand Sketching and Parametric Tools in the Conceptual Design Phase.” Master’s thesis, Advisor: Burcu Şenyapılı Özcan, 2018.

Pehlivan, Feyza. “REading the Transformation of Konya Culture Park as an Urban Space” Master’s thesis, Advisor: Meltem Gürel, 2018.

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