Generative Industry Zone Redevelopment at Izmır Port

Interlacing Layers of History, Industrial and Commercial Heritage through Sustainable Urbanity: Generative Industry Zone Redevelopment at İzmir Port Area, Alsancak

For the Spring Term 2023-2024, ARCH 302 focused on the complex urban layers at the heart of İzmir. The course specifically examined the southern part of İzmir Port in Alsancak, reinterpreting it as a new urban interface that integrated the region’s historical, commercial, and industrial heritage. The project aimed to break existing boundaries, creating expanded opportunities for urban dialogue to develop a more permeable, integrated, and sustainable city core. The Alsancak site, with its historical significance as an industrial and commercial hub, had been the subject of extensive research and urban design projects by both local stakeholders and researchers.

Studio Team:

Özge Selen Duran (Course Coordinator)

Giorgio Gasco
Aslıhan Günhan

Begüm Peker
Zeynep Uzun (Course Assistant)

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