Go With The Flow

In the movie “The Flash,” as Flash initiates his movement, the rapid change in velocity transforms the surroundings. Drawing inspiration from this concept, I incorporated an axial organizational system into my design. Within this structure, the groups generate variations in the velocity’s effect by gradually creating smaller volumes that ultimately vanish along the axes.

I divided each planar element into 2 cm grids and consistently positioned intersections starting from the first grid. This approach ensures control over the size of volumes in accordance with the surface areas of planar elements. The varying groups undergo transformations based on the speed of the velocity change, transitioning from rectangular elements into triangles.

The edges of the planar elements function as linear elements, with their thickness decreasing as velocity increases. This reduction in thickness leads to a decrease in opacity as the elements move further from the axis.

Author: Maya İdil Soylu
Studio: FA 101 FALL 2023
Ayşe Henry, Dicle Kumaraslan, Nihal Evirgen

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