Go With The Flow

In developing the theme for my model, I was inspired by the snowflake depicted in the movie “Frozen.” Considering the snowflake’s outward radiance from the center, I decided on “dissemination” as my theme and adopted a central organizational system. To enhance the representation of this theme, I opted for a monochromatic color scheme, limiting the application of color to the linear elements of my model.

Within my primary group, I employed the darkest blue sticks, each measuring 5cm in length. For the initial variation, I utilized slightly lighter blue sticks, measuring 10cm in length. The second variation comprised a combination of 5cm and 10cm long blue sticks, while the last variation incorporated 10cm long sticks in the lightest shade of blue, creating volumetric elements. I amalgamated these variations to establish a volumetric flow within the primary group.

Across all my groups, I designed an L-shaped flow, with the main group featuring the most well-defined volumes. As the color of the sticks progressed to lighter shades, I achieved more indistinct volumes, effectively echoing my theme throughout the entirety of the model.

Author: Ilgın Tanrıverdi
Studio: FA 101 FALL 2023
 Aysu Berk, Elif Selena Ayhan, Selin Çavdar Sert

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