President of Germany Visits Bruno Taut and the House to Live-in Exhibition

On April 24 the President of Germany, Mr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier, visited The Literature Faculty of Ankara University where he met the Rector of Ankara University (Prof. Dr. Necdet Ünüvar) , the Dean of the Literature faculty (Prof. Dr. Levent Kayapınar) and the Mayor of Ankara (Mr. Mansur Yavaş). For the occasion, the exhibition on Bruno Taut (2 countries, 2 houses, 1 architect. Bruno Taut and the House to Live-in: from Dahlewitz to Ortaköy 1926-1938) previously on display in the main hall of the building from December 08 to 23 2023, has been put back on stage. The curator and designer of the exhibition, assistant professor Giorgio Gasco (Bilkent Uni Fada Buda) guided Mr. Steinmeier, and the delegation of guests, in a tour through the items on display.

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