The Modular Cityscape

The Modular Cityscape enhances the surrounding experience by harmonizing with the scale and height of the surrounding buildings while extending existing paths. On one hand, it embraces the urban ambiance, and on the other hand, within the project, it seamlessly extends the park, forming a public space. The pathway along Konya Street serves as a dividing element, establishing private and public areas within the site.

The project leverages the rigidity of the management and study spaces alongside the adaptability of common functions, establishing distinct design languages for each. The modular structures, reminiscent of rectangular prisms, possess the flexibility to be relocated to neighboring cities, showcasing and preserving Ankara’s heritage.

Author: Ömer Bahadır Torusdağ
Studio: Arch 401 Fall 2023
 Melis Sözen, Yiğit Acar

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