Go With The Flow

The main theme of this model revolves around the concept of branching out, drawing inspiration from a scene in The Avengers where Thor generates an electrical flow through the center. As such, the organizational system of this model is a radial structure.

There are three subgroups that represent different branches, along with a main group. Each group has a distinct ratio in how its elements come together. In the main group, elements combine in a 1/4 ratio. Conversely, for the subgroups, the ratios vary, being 1/2, 2/5, and 1/3 for the respective branches.

To visually emphasize the concept of branching, I employed a monochromatic color scheme. The main group is distinguished by the darkest shade of blue, the transitional areas where the main group and subgroups intersect are depicted in a medium-light blue, and the subgroups themselves are represented by the lightest shade of blue. This color scheme aims to enhance the clarity and coherence of the overall design.

Author: Ceren Kallioğlu
Studio: FA 101 FALL 2023
Aysu Berk, Elif Selena Ayhan, Selin Çavdar Sert

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