Co-Creation Hub Re – inventing Working and Learning

ARCH 202 Architectural Design Studio II explored the transition from inflexible architectural functions to rich, cooperative spaces. Employers had shifted to working from cafés instead of traditional office buildings, while small classrooms became monotonous compared to interactive learning opportunities in museums and cultural centers.

The semester’s project aimed to create a co-creative hub integrating working and learning activities. This hub included spaces for learning and teaching, as well as rooms for private and group projects, each designed around a unique theme. Students incorporated the design plot, user profile, and relevant functions into their themes, focusing on sustainability and urban context. The chosen site in Eskişehir challenged students to modify the waterfront and integrate the new structure with existing buildings, creating a dynamic space for the community.

Studio Team:

-Segah Sak (Studio Coordinator)
-Deniz Üçer Erduran
-Melek Pınar Uz Baki
-Alp Giray Köse
-Didem Baykal (Course Assistant)

Department of Architecture Bilkent University FF-304A
06800 Ankara – TURKEY


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