Go With The Flow

My design concept revolves around the theme of “decomposition” and was developed following the guidelines and principles introduced in FA101. The inspiration for my creative idea was drawn from the TV series “Arcane.” To visually express this concept, I opted for a distinctive color palette, adhering to the analogous color scheme, and applied it to the faces aligned in each Cartesian direction. Following this color scheme, the planar elements were strategically arranged in a shifted manner, facilitating a seamless flow between volumes.

The deliberate use of varying lengths in the linear elements within each group further reinforces the concept of “decomposition.” The result of this design approach is evident in the linear assembly of each group, creating a harmonious and visually compelling composition.

Author: Yasemin Mete
Studio: FA 101 FALL 2023
 Aysu Berk, Elif Selena Ayhan, Selin Çavdar Sert

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