Seminar Series on Educational Buildings

ID Bilkent University Department of Architecture had the opportunity to host five distinguished academicians for a seminar series on educational buildings. This event series was possible thanks to the support of Bilkent University Board of Trustees.

2019 Spring

Acoustic Meta Materials

Beyza Yazıcı, one of our graduate students at the Department of Architecture, has been studying on Acoustic Meta-materials (AMMs) in her thesis research. AMMs are high-tech materials with extreme properties of sound absorption and transmission in specific configurations. Their potential application in architectural systems are being searched after and the optimization process is currently on-going.

Ongoing Research: Beyza Yazıcı, Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Zühre Sü Gül

International Workshop: Multiplicity vs Eclecticism

The Architectural Design Workhop “Multiplicity vs Eclecticism” is an international program based on the partnership between the Department of Architecture of Bilkent University and the Department of Architecture, Built Environment and Construction Engineering of Milano Politecnico. The Workshop, co-directed by Giorgio Gasco (ARCH Bilkent) and Cristina Pallini (ABC Milano Politecnico), is open to graduate students, and will explore different modalities to articulate architectural design proposals within the historical core of Ulus district.


Double Skin

In 2019 spring semester in parametric design studio we have focused on the buildings in main campus by their interface with their surroundings, designed elements between their interiors and exteriors, namely their facades, and how the interaction occurs between the function and its reflection on the building.

ARCH 317 Spring 2019 Instructor:Yavuz Baver Barut

Prague on the Cusp of Change

Prague is on the cusp of change. Citizens, designers and planners are dissatisfied with the status quo, and urban transformation is being contemplated. Through the recent efforts of two new design activist organizations: ReSITE and UrbanACT, many urban mobility, infrastructural and open space deficiencies throughout the city are for the first time, being identified and discussed in a series of public fora. We have been invited to participate in this exciting urban revisioning movement.

ARCH 402 Spring 2019 Instructors:Mark Paul Frederickson, Segah Sak, Jesus Espinoza Alvarez, Meral Özdengiz Başak

Empowering the Core

In 2019 spring semester ARCH 302 focused on the redevelopment plan for the central region of the city of Antalya. In particular, four areas have been selected around the historical core of the city to be re-fashioned within a new coherent urban system, in the aim to empower the core with an integrated system of public spaces.

ARCH 302 Spring 2019 Instructors:Giorgio Gasco, Glenn Terry Kukkola, Selen Duran, Ahmet Ünveren

Urban Corner of Art and Culture

In 2019 spring semester ARCH 202 studio worked on a vibrant urban corner of Ankara.The URBAN CORNER FOR ARTS AND CULTURE is a design proposal to take place at the edge of Atatürk Boulevard which is one of the most important arteries of Ankara. It’s the main axis starting from Ulus, continues with Kızılay up to Çankaya playing the role of “city center” since 1920’s for Ankara.

ARCH 202 Spring 2019 Instructors:Berna Tanverdi, Bülent Tokman, Cem Korkmaz, Fadime Yılmaz, Zühre Sü Gül


In 2019 spring semester students were asked to design a festival ground for an event of their choice in Botanik Park / Ankara

FA 102 Spring 2019 Instructors:Ayşe Henry, Bülent Batuman, Burcu Egel, Chen yu Chiu, Derya Yılmaz, Ebru Şevik, Elif Erdemir Türkkan, Mehmet Tahir Ayparlar, Mehmet Tevfik Gürsu, Müge Durusu Tanrıöver, Rengin Kocaoğlu.

Nautical and Aquatic Exploration Center in Alanya

In 2018 fall semester the building design and program was for a Nautical and Aquatic Exploration and Production Center, and the hypothetical site was the shoreline and historical features of the seaside town of Alanya. The studio process included a process of local site selection, providing strong justification for the specific location of buildings, program and orientation taking into account, present and historical context, land utilization, preservation, orientation, and interrelatedness to the landscape as well as exploration of concepts of promenade on the edge of land and sea.

ARCH 401 Fall 2018 Studio Instructors:Glenn Terry Kukkola, Gökçe Ulusoy, Jesus Espinoza Alvarez, Meral Özdengiz Başak, Yiğit Acar