Graduate Studies in Architecture

Department of Architecture offers Master of Science in Architecture to equip students with advanced skills in architectural design and in-depth critical thinking on architectural theories. The graduate program invites students who would like to excel in using current technologies in design and broaden ways of creative thinking.


Our Students' Success

Our students Öykü Su Ökkan' and Melek Kaynar were selected for the shortlist of 8 participants among 101 participants in “Create your own Future” student’s competition sponsored by Yaktaş. Among the finalists, Öykü Su Ökkan won the first prize. We congratulate our students for their success.

Arch 302 Studios in Rome, Flaminio

For the Spring Term 2019-2020 ARCH 302 focuses on the revitalization and redefinition of Flaminio District of the City of Rome. In particular, this specific region has been selected to be redefined with its historical and contemporary urban features in order to be revitalized within a new coherent urban system, in the aim to empower the core with an integrated system of public spaces.

Studio Instructors: Giorgio Gasco (sec. 01), Özge Selen Duran (sec. 02), Glenn Terry Kukkola (sec. 03), Wren Frederickson (04)

Redevelopment and Adaptive Reuse for Culture and Learning

In 2019 fall semester the building design and program was for a Water front redevelopment and University Campus , and the hypothetical site was the shoreline and historical features of the seaside town of Sinop. The studio process included a process of local site selection, providing strong justification for the specific location of buildings, program and orientation taking into account, present and historical context, land utilization, preservation, orientation, and interrelatedness to the landscape as well as exploration of concepts of promenade on the edge of land and sea.

ARCH 401 Fall 2019 Studio Instructors:Glenn Terry Kukkola, Zeynep Öktem, Jesus Espinoza Alvarez, Meral Özdengiz Başak, Wren Frederickson

New Residential Landscape

For the Term 2019-2020 ARCH 301 focuses on the design of a an important old urban settlement , known as one of the most symbolical places of Ankara- namely the Ulus Central District. The region is conceived as a study project for the re-vitalization of the existing historical square ( Ulus Square) and central district ( including the Market hall and the mosque) as well as the degraded area on the southern side of Sulu Han.

ARCH 301 Fall 2018 Studio Instructors:Özge Selen Duran, Mark Paul Frederickson, Giorgio Gasco, Maysam Foolady, Ahmet Ünveren

Wisdom of the Mountains

In Fall 2019 the ARCH 201 studios explored the concepts of domesticity, education and sustainability by designing spaces for collective living and learning at a challenging climate and geography in Rize Çamlıhemşin. Sudents designed a living cluster for a group of people who have decided to live in the mountains to share their knowledge on a practice.

ARCH 201 Fall 2019 Studio Instructors:Berna Tanverdi, Cem Korkmaz, Zühre Sü Gül, Chen-yu Chiu, Yiğit Acar