Fire Safety Design Aspects For Architects

This presentation aims to put forth an overview of fire safety requirements in buildings to be considered during design stage for such a purpose. Furthermore, it also aims to sprout the idea behind fire science for new beginners.

Ahmet Ünveren Won the First Prize in Amorf

We congratulate our part-time instructor Ahmet Ünveren on his success in Amorf: Natural Stone Design Competition, organized by the Aegean Natural Stone Manufacturers Association. Ahmet Ünveren was awarded in the professional category for re-cycling of natural stone waste, with his project NET.

Burak Çelik Won the Gehry Award

We are excited to hear that our former graduate Burak Çelik (Spring 2018) was awarded The Gehry Award with his masters’ thesis project in SCI-ARC under the supervision of Kristy Balliet. We congratulate Burak on his success.

Four Projects Selected for Mimarhane 2021 Projects Review

Studio projects of our graduates Cansu Türker, Gökçe Tekin, Zeynep Berra Kırbaşoğlu (Spring 2021), and our student Yusuf Alperen Bayır are selected as a part of the Projects Review organized by Mimarhane. We congratulate our graduates and students on their success.

Şevval Simruy Baygül Won the First Prize in AYDA

Our graduate Şevval Simruy Baygül (Spring 2020) won the first prize in Asian Young Designer Award, organized by Nippon Paint. Simruy will compete in the second stage of the competition against international competitors. Simruy’s competition entry was based on her studies in ARCH 402 Graduation Thesis Studio (Arch 420, Spring 20120, Acar) As Bilkent Department of Architecture we are proud to hear about the success of our graduate and we wish her success in the second stage.

Ankara Projeleri Sergisi (Ankara Projects Exhibition)

Organized by the Architectural Culture and Planning Working Group of the Ankara City Council, Ankara Projeleri Sergisi (Ankara Projects Exhibition) displays a selected group of spatial design projects focusing on Ankara completed at the Architecture, Interior Architecture, Landscape Design and Planning departments of universities in Ankara.

Editor’s Choice Award in The Oasis Cultural Center by UNI

Our graduate (Fall 2021) Yusuf Alperen Bayındır (with Zeynep Demirci from IAED) won the Editors Choice Award in the Oasis Cultural Center Competition, organized by UNI.

World Architecture Awards 38th Cycle

Our former graduate (Spring 2021) student at the Department of Architecture Doruk Topkaya, won the WA Award through the ratings of WAC Community Members in September 2021 with his ARCH-402 Studio Project named ‘’Revitalization of the Hudson Yards: ELYSIUM’’ which was supervised by our instructors Yiğit Acar and Ezgi İşbilen in ARCH-402 studio.

Community Award organized by non-Architecture

Our former graduates (Spring 2021) student at the Department of Architecture Ece Sel, İpek Düzova and Ertuğ Erpek (METU Arch) have received a Community Award with the project named Modular Pandemic Block in October 2020 from the competition of Social Distancing Housing Block Competition organized by non-Architecture.

People's Choice Award: Organized by Unfuse on UNI

Our former graduate (Spring 2021) student at the Department of Architecture Ece Sel, received the "People's Choice Award" from the competition of "UnIATA '21 Unfuse International Architectural Thesis Awards: World's best graduation projects ever created" with her ARCH-401 Studio Project "Revitalization of Ankara Castle’’, supervised by Glenn Terry Kukkola.

Editor’s Choice Award in The Oasis Cultural Center by UNI

Our former graduate (Spring 2021) student at the Department of Architecture Yusuf Alperen Bayır, won the Editor’s Choice Award in The Oasis Cultural Center organized by UNI.

Reuse of Coffee and Tea Waste For Acoustical Panel Applications

50th Inter-Noise 2021 Washington DC Congress Academic Paper, which has been written by three Bilkent architecture students; Ece Sel, İpek Düzova, Anıl Ege Şireli under the supervision of Dr Zühre Sü Gül also with the help of our former Master architecture student Beyza Yazıcı.

2nd International Architecture Summer School in the Roman Forum

The Architecture Department at Bilkent University has recently participated, as a partner institution, in the 2nd International Architecture Summer School in the Roman Forum, Rome (18-27 June 2021), an international workshop co-organized by ISAR (International Society of Archaeology, Art, and Architecture in Rome) and Özyeğin University in Istanbul. The network of partner Universities included: Özyeğin University, Istanbul; Università degli Studi di Firenze, Florence; Sapienza Università di Roma, Rome; Bilkent University, Ankara; Politecnico di Bari, Bari; California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.

2021 Spring Studio Works

We are proud to share 2021 Spring Studio works. Despite the challenges imposed by the global pandemic conditions, Bilkent Department of Architecture students continue to produce aspiring works.

Graduation Theses

Our world is changing rapidly and beset with developmental issues involving growth, sprawl, economic stagnation and stratification, a dearth of open space, congested transport, environmental degradation, as well as socio-cultural isolation. In our continuing search for “sustainable” design and planning solutions, we must consider an array of societal and urban issues.

2021 Spring Instructors: Mark Frederickson(Course Coordinator), Ezgi İşbilen, Meral Özdengiz Başak, Yiğit Acar, Zeynep Öktem

Alongside the Railway

For the Spring Term 2020-2021; ARCH 302 focused on the revitalization of the Urban District of the City of Ankara. In particular, this specific region has been selected to be redefined with its historical and contemporary urban features in order to be revitalized within a new coherent urban system, in the aim to empower the core with an integrated system of public spaces.

2021 Spring Instructors: Giorgio Gasco, Özge Selen Duran (Course Coordinator), Glenn Terry Kukkola, Berna Tanverdi

Music School

Located in immediate proximity of many historic buildings and educational institutions this musical center will create opportunities for all agencies within the capital Ankara and its surrounding regional community. To meet and interact, the aim of this project is to stimulate students to the creation of an innovative and outstanding design ideas for architecture and urbanism also it is a project that should stimulate public awareness of the role of architecture in reviving series through music, art and culture.

2021 Spring Instructors: Zühre Sü Gül (Course Coordinator), Aly Taan, Ahmet, Deniz, Işıl Sencar Ertosun

DAS Place

In 2021 Spring Semester, students’ task was to design a "place" for the Design and Architecture Society (DAS) of Bilkent University, on the extended area in front of the 76th Dorm. Starting with studies on content, context and concept, and pursuing with work on production of spaces.

2020 Spring Instructors: M. Tahir Ayparlar, Bülent Batuman, Aysu Berk, Müge Durusu Tanrıöver, Burcu Egel, Elif Erdemir Türkkan, M. Tevfik Gürsu, Sema Karamanoğlu, Alp G. Köse, Nilgün Olguntürk, Segah Sak (Course Coordinator)

FLOCK: The System

In 2021 Spring, the final Project of FA101 focused on the generation of a volumetric organization based on Flock behaviors of animal groups. Studying the flock phenomenon students designed abstract compositions learning from flocks..

2020 Fall Instructors: Y. Baver Barut, C. Zeynep Erten, Gürkan Güney,Ayşe Henry, Melek Pınar Uz Baki


Programming in Architecture course explores the role of computation in the conception and representation of geometry. Participants develop, analyze and critique algorithmic approaches to digital drawing and modeling. The final workshop of the course in Spring 2021 explored additive and subtractive forms through the design of an igloo.

2021 Spring Instructor: Ahmet Ünveren