The relationship between dust and architecture has always been ambiguous. As the other – a trace of the outside, a threat to the definition of form – dust is ignored, removed or feared. And yet dust is made, also and largely, of architecture. Vice versa, dust interferes with, seeps into, unsettles, but also develops a possibility for architecture, as it questions the definition of its form, as well as the structural and temporal stability of its construct.

Time: May 4, 2021 12:30, Zoom Lecture

Medium Design

Medium Design inverts the typical focus on object over field, to work on the medium—the matrix space between objects, events and ideological declarations and it disrupts some habitual modern approaches to the world's intractable dilemmas—from climate cataclysm to inequality to concentrations of authoritarian power. In a series of case studies dealing with everything from automation and migration to explosive urban growth and atmospheric changes, Medium Design offers spatial tools for innovation and global decision-making to challenge the authority of more familiar legal or economic declarations.

Time: Apr 22, 2021 04:00 PM, Zoom Lecture

2020 Studio Works

2020 Fall Studio works are here. Despite the challenges imposed by the global pandemic conditions, Bilkent Department of Architecture students continue to produce aspiring works.

Bentderesi District: A place for Culture, Learning and Revitalization

For the area below the Ankara Castle and surrounding the existing archeological site consisting of a roman amphitheater and ruins. This involves several types of buildings with supportive programs each sustaining activity towards elevating culture and associated activities, tourism, and existing activities which can be enhanced or improved by certain built environment interventions. One such programmatic building or architectural place could be designed for enlightening and enriching the understanding of travellers and local people of the unique history, heritage and spirit of the place and to provide a place of reflection and understanding.

2020 Spring Instructors:Glenn Terry Kukkola (Course Coordinator) , Jesus Espinoza, Meral Özdengiz Başak, Zeynep Öktem, Wren Frederickson

Design the Community: San Vito (Bari)

For the Term 2020-2021 ARCH 301 focused on the design of a sub-urban settlement,in San Vito, Bari Italy. The area is conceived as an opportunity to experience and experiment a set of basic architectural concepts and at the same time to challenge a real context in the aim to recompose and refashion its texture.

2020 Fall Instructors: Selen Özge Duran(course coordinator), Mark Frederickson, Giorgio Gasco, Berna Tanverdi

2x2: Spaces for Living and Working

In Fall 2020 the ARCH 201 studios explored the relationship of domestic life and work. The current conditions made us all question the inherent dichotomies of architecture such as: Inside-outside, natural-cultural, public-private, urban-rural and also some rather contemporary dichotomies such as digital-physical, sustainable-unsustainable or natural-synthetic. Arch 201 studios examined such couplings in a rich context on Farabi Street.

2020 Fall Instructors: Zühre Sü Gül (course coordinator), Ahmet Ünveren, Deniz Üçer Erduran, Ezgi İşbilen, M. Pınar Uz Baki, Yiğit Acar