Architecture and Design Collective Exhibition

Works of Bilkent Department of Architecture's students are on exhibit between 11-15 March in FADA exhibition hall.

Date/Place: 11-15 March FADA Exhibition Hall, 11 March 13.30 (opening)

Turkey the Land of Architecture(s)

Bilkent University Department of Architecture is proud to host reowned Turkish architecture critique/theorotician Doğan Hasol for a lecture on contemporary Turkish architecture scene.

Date/Place: 06 March 2019, FFB-22 13.00

Logo Competition

Bilkent University Department of Architecture is looking for a logo to represent its academic, dynamic, intellectual body of people and knowledge accumulation. The logo should stand for the institutional character of the department while symbolizing architecture as a profession.

Submission Deadline: 2 April 2019 12.40 FADA Exhibition Hall

Nautical and Aquatic Exploration Center in Alanya

In 2018 fall semester the building design and program was for a Nautical and Aquatic Exploration and Production Center, and the hypothetical site was the shoreline and historical features of the seaside town of Alanya. The studio process included a process of local site selection, providing strong justification for the specific location of buildings, program and orientation taking into account, present and historical context, land utilization, preservation, orientation, and interrelatedness to the landscape as well as exploration of concepts of promenade on the edge of land and sea.

ARCH 401 Fall 2018 Studio Instructors:Glenn Terry Kukkola, Gökçe Ulusoy, Jesus Espinoza Alvarez, Meral Özdengiz Başak, Yiğit Acar

New Residential Landscape

For the Term 2018-2019 ARCH 301 focused on the design of a brand new urban settlement conceived as a study project for the re-vitalization of a green area located in the Gazi Osman Paşa district in the southern sector of the city of Ankara.

ARCH 301 Fall 2018 Studio Instructors:Özge Selen Duran, Mark Paul Frederickson, Giorgio Gasco, Derya Yılmaz, Ahmet Ünveren

Envisioning the ‘Peer-to-Peer Property Renting’ in a Slow Rural Settlement

In 2018 Fall semester, Bilkent University Department of Architecture’s ARCH 201 studio worked on an alternative perpspective to the "summer house" model. The studio explored the potential of Peer-to-peer renting concept in Adrasan.

ARCH 201 Fall 2018 Studio Instructors:Berna Tanverdi, Burcu Şenyapılı Özcan, Bülent Tokman, Cem Korkmaz, Fadime Yılmaz, Zühre Sü Gül