2021 Fall Studio Works

In 2021 Fall Semester, the community of Bilkent Department of Architecture was finally back to the campus.Still navigating with caution, the students and instructors enjoyed, the very much missed practices of design education like; site visits, hands-on studies and in-real-life juries.

Time Interactive Centre for Travellers in Amasra

In Fall 2021, ARCH 401 studios worked on an a-typical building program, the time interactive center for travelers, in Amasra. The time interactive center was intended as a place for visitors to experience the historical-spatial narrative of the city. While it had some of the programmatic features of conventional typologies, it was developed and organized around sensory experience and movement. Therefore, the primary focus of the studio was to design spatial narratives through movement, circulation, and sequence with unique informative experiences.

2021 Fall Instructors: Glenn Terry Kukkola (Course Coordinator), Yiğit Acar, Meral Özdengiz Başak, Işıl Sencar Ertosun

New Residential Landscape

In Fall 2021, ARCH 301 studios continued to explore new residential landscapes in Ankara. The studios offered two independent design processes for the coordinated sections. The contextual studios followed a design method that prioritizes site forces, whereas the conceptual studios were initiated with studies on development of design strategies that were more abstract and dependent on the autonomous aspects of architectural thinking.

2021 Fall Instructors: Özge Selen Duran (Course Coordinator), Giorgio Gasco, Mark Paul Frederickson, Chen-Yu Chiu, Berna Tanverdi, Alp Giray Köse

Riverside Retreat

In Fall 2021, ARCH 201 studios worked on a riverside retreat in a semi-urban context. Conceived in Eymir Valley, the project provided opportunities to discuss work-domestic life relationship which has been altered immensely with the recent global pandemic conditions.

2021 Fall Instructors: Zühre Sü Gül (Course Coordinator), Deniz Üçer, Ahmet Ünveren, Ezgi İşbilen

The Game

In Fall 2021, for the final project of the semester, the students worked on The Game, a 3D organization. The project commenced with an exploration and analysis of students’ selected games. Based on this study, the students created their design ideas as well as a design kit. Eventually, each project sets forth a system of organization which is expected to achieve a flow of volumes.

2021 Fall Instructors: Segah Sak (Course Coordinator), Aysu Berk, Elif Erdemir Türkkan, Burcu Aydınalp Egel, Nilgün Olguntürk, Sema Karamanoğlu, Y. Baver Barut, M. Tahir Ayparlar, M. Tevfik Gürsu, M. Pınar Uz Baki, B. Begüm Peker, Z. Ege Odabaşı, Selin Çavdar Sert, Deniz Ertek Karlıdağ.

Cave Dwelling

Programming in Architecture course explores the role of computation in the conception and representation of geometry. Participants develop, analyze and critique algorithmic approaches to digital drawing and modeling. The final workshop of the course in Spring 2021 explored additive and subtractive forms through the design of a cave dwelling.

2021 Fall Instructor: Ahmet Ünveren