Arsuz Life Center

Re-vitalization of the Post-earthquake zone

A consultancy project held by Bilkent University, Architecture Department for the revitalization of the post-earthquake zone, Arsuz.

The main aim of this project was to design the given containers, which is unique for the project area and intended to have five different functions, with a layout that will allow the use of different functions in the future, simultaneously or in different conditions in the most effective way.

The main design constraints and criteria are envisaged as:
– Climate
– Cost
– Multiple/variable use
– Efficiency
– Sustainability

Project Duration: April – July 2023

Faculty Members:

Burcu Şenyapılı Özcan, Ph.D.
Giorgio Gasco, Ph.D.
Özge Selen Duran, Ph.D

Student Members, M.Sc. of Architecture:

Bilgesu Sever
Shahzeb Khan

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The Arsuz Life Center, which was established after the earthquake to support the well-being of children, youth, women, and disadvantaged individuals in Arsuz, by Füsun Sayek Association for the Development of Health and Education is now open for the community. 

This center, made possible with support from Turkish Philanthropy Funds (TPF) and the generous contributions of the Butros family, was planned in collaboration with Bilkent University’s Faculty of Architecture. 

At the Arsuz Life Center, visitors can enjoy various facilities, including a Playroom and Dream Workshop where volunteer instructors engage in activities with children. The Women’s Workshop will offer programs to support the vocational skills and personal development of Arsuz women. The library features a collection of donated books from different age groups and fields of interest. The central square serves as a lively hub for events, and a forthcoming Arsuz Weaving Workshop is set to enhance the center’s offerings soon.

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