An Embassy Residence in Ankara: Home on Another Land

Kavaklıdere stands out as one of the very busy districts in Ankara. The unique challenge of designing an embassy residence here necessitates a balance between high-security needs and the desire for a harmonious integration with the surroundings. To achieve this balance, a buffer zone was established, serving dual purposes as a space for activities and exhibitions highlighting Iranian culture.

Taking this concept further, I implemented a creative approach to transcend conventional boundaries. I broke up and staggered the perimeter stone walls of the residence, turning them into integral elements of the building’s design. This aimed at fostering a sense of connection between the embassy and its environment.

Water, a sacred element in Iranian architecture, became a crucial aspect of the design. Inspired by the pool in Kuğulu Park, a remnant of Kavaklıdere, the water element breaks away from strict grid organization. It not only follows the axis of the park’s pool but also introduces an element of visual interest and focal point.

Author: Aylin Coşkun
Studio: Arch 201 Fall 2023
Zühre Sü Gül

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