An Embassy Residence in Ankara: Home on Another Land

With a design concept centered around a diverse cultural experience, this resident project caters to the ambassador of the United Arab Emirates. Ensuring privacy and regulating circulation without imposing significant physical restrictions is the most crucial factor to consider during the project’s development. A terracing system is employed to leverage the topography, creating segregated areas that serve specific functions to enhance users’ cultural experience.

The scope of this cultural encounter is not confined solely to the design area; it is also intended to influence the overall spirit of the street. The persimmon greenhouse, enhancing the street’s aesthetic appeal, serves as the physical component, replacing perimeter walls. Furthermore, workshop attendees will include individuals from the street, exemplifying the hospitality inherent in the culture at hand.

Author: Ceren Arpacı
Studio: Arch 201 Fall 2023
Alp Giray Köse

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