Go With The Flow

The conception of my model is inspired by the rotational movement of the yoyo connected to the rope in the “Miraculous” movie. To unify the concept of two distinct materials being linked, I’ve chosen the theme of “adhesion.” Employing a radial system of organization, I aim to centralize the flow and generate branches, creating a cohesive structure.

The choice of the color scheme was influenced by the movie. In this scheme, red represents the main group, while pink is used for its variations. The transition group is created by combining these two colors. Variations are introduced through the rotation of the contained elements. Essentially, the transition group embodies the shared features of both the main group and its variations.

Author: Aslı TÜRKER
Studio: FA 101 FALL 2023
Aysu Berk, Elif Selena Ayhan, Selin Çavdar Sert

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