Gordion Excavation House

The population of Yassıhöyük has been decreasing due to its insufficient economic, social, and educational facilities despite the historical layers and touristic opportunities. The project aims to permanently respond to these problems with temporariness and a local-participatory scenario.

The required functions are designed in a temporary, modular lightweight structure that can be easily assembled by local constructors. Since the site is archeological, the structure is elevated on pilotis and runs the whole story on decks.

The modular structure is supported with permanent gabion walls, which mimic the site’s local values that are now sustained with a contemporary aspect. It is aimed to leave a useful pattern with these gabion walls after the wooden structure is disassembled. These walls are combined with the wooden structure and appear on their own on the anterior part of the site for uses such as bazaar, kermes, kurs, exhibitions, and gatherings. Also, the remains of the project, after disassembly, can be used in different configurations for the village’s needs.

Author: Mustafa Çağlak
Studio: Arch 201 Fall 2022
Zühre Sü Gül

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