Gordion Excavation House

The Collaborative Fold revolves around creating an enhanced community for the village through the excavation house.

The village has 220 inhabitants, who drive 36 km to get greens and drop their kids at school since there are no schools and no places to get vegetables. That adds up to almost 180 tonnes of CO2 in a year.

The structure has a fluidity where a roof becomes a water navigator mass that stretches to the ground, creates collection pods and folds again to an amphitheatre for education space for kids and a communal agriculture.

This house sets a precedent for the villagers to re-introduce their vernacular material, terracotta, from early phrygian architecture into their homes for cost, and energy efficiency.

Author: Ayşe Irmak Çelik
Studio: Arch 201 Fall 2022
Alp Giray Köse

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