Located near the Thames River Barrier in the UK, THE KNOT serves as a crucial hub comprising five main components: a water research lab, an exhibition area, a water maintenance facility, a data input center, and a quantum computer section utilizing AI. The master plan integrates the concept of connectivity and interactivity, with a bridge connecting Newham and Charlton. This bridge plays a vital role as a link for pedestrian and bicycle paths, connecting the "Green Chain walk" and national bicycle routes.

Extensive analysis has identified a significant flood risk, necessitating the implementation of green solutions. The research center at THE KNOT closely monitors the condition of the river, leveraging AI to address issues such as turbidity and coliforms, pushing the boundaries of scientific discovery. The project also emphasizes the enhancement of the Thames River shoreline with greenery and panoramic views, with THE KNOT at the center, acting as a beacon of innovation and sustainable development.