The project is situated in Gemikonağı, Cyprus, on a contaminated post-mining site. It challenges the anthropocentric approach, advocating instead for an ecocentric perspective. By repurposing on-site waste materials, including steel structures and tailings, as a sustainable alternative to cement, the project aims to reclaim the land.

Employing an agent-based approach to design, the project acts as a metaphorical parasite, gradually infiltrating and reintegrating existing structures back into the surrounding environment. Adjacent to these structures, several platforms serve as exhibition spaces, showcasing both the town's mining history and the devastating impact of human activities on the Earth.

The project's 3D-printed concrete follows the traces left by the agents on the ground, forming "the Coexistence Courtyard." This space fosters a symbiotic relationship between humans and non-human creatures, offering an intersection for mutual habitation and understanding.