Our world is changing rapidly and beset with developmental issues involving growth, sprawl, economic stagnation and stratification, a dearth of open space, congested transport, environmental degradation, as well as socio-cultural isolation. In our continuing search for “sustainable” design and planning solutions, we must consider an array of societal and urban issues.
Pedagogically, this “thesis” format studio offers us an excellent opportunity to expose students to complex, multifaceted, real-world professional experiences. Many urban mobility, infrastructural and open space deficiencies throughout the city are being identified and discussed. This semester each individual student chose his or her own site and building type. Each student then generated a detailed building program, explored and synthesized alternative urban and site-specific architectural concepts that address the creation of a sustainable and livable urban fabric. The semester focused on the development of projects relevant to the profession as well as to the future aspirations of each individual student.