During the Spring Term of 2022-2023, ARCH 302 undertook a compelling initiative centered around pushing the boundaries in the urban edges of Ulus, Ankara (Turkey). The specific focus was on reinterpreting this area as a fresh urban interface that transcends its existing limits, aiming to foster expanded dimensions for diverse urban dialogues and enhance permeability along the edges of Ulus. These edges have historically been vital production and social centers for the city's development. The primary objective of this project was to fortify the core of the urban edges by implementing an integrated system of innovative public spaces.
The edge of Ulus used to have a specific productive character in its history, which has become a small scale industry + commercial activity centre for the core of Ankara. Within the region the particular selected project site however has been located on the southern periphery of one of the axis, namely the İstanbul Road, which connects the east-west axis of the city. This axis has also a changing urban character through its total destination, where specifically transforms into a much more urban public scale accommodating special typologies like sports, recreation, exhibition and congress centers..etc.