The design of the library in Moda is influenced primarily by two factors: the user profile in the area and the scenic views of the hill and sea it offers. The theme of "chocolate" was chosen to complement Istanbul's historical background with chocolate and to create a library that appeals to people of all ages, offering opportunities for workshops and engaging activities. The spatial organization and massing were carefully crafted, drawing inspiration from the site's lines and the chocolate production process, ensuring that users can enjoy the beautiful views of both the sea and the hill.

The library is divided into two main sections: the reading halls and digital rooms situated on the first floor, and administration units, services, and social activity spaces on the ground floor. The reading halls, featuring two leisure areas, offer stunning views of both the sea and the hill. On the ground floor, the spaces are well-organized with a clear division of functions and a connection to the street, enhancing accessibility and convenience for visitors.

The design of the café maintains the spirit of Moda's streets, seamlessly blending into the surrounding environment, while the workshop areas attract the attention of pedestrians passing by the walkway.