Basic Design 2 at Bilkent University is conducted collaboratively by the Departments of Architecture, Urban Design and Landscape Architecture and Interior Architecture and Environmental Design. FA 102 Basic Design 2 continues to establish fundamentals of design and design thinking that was introduced in FA101. The students work on multiple design problems with a particular emphasis on spatial design. In Spring 2023, the CO-IN: Student Cooperation Initiative was designed as a social space for production, fund collection, sale, exhibition, performance, and gathering for a purpose. This spatial design not only enabled activities to be coordinated by students but also hosted fundraising facilities. It was temporarily used by different student clubs to address contemporary issues. This student initiative aimed to organize a series of events framed by the collaboration of one (or two) selected student clubs at the university. The program of the solidarity events was determined according to the addressed issue and the solidarity network, and the proposed program was manifested by the spatial design in Module 2.