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In Fall 2022, FA 101 students worked on The Buzzing Question. “The Buzzing Question” required the students to design with elementary components (e.g., linear and planar elements) while questioning and re-handling all design related terms they were introduced to. The volumetric relations were structured in a system of organization, and they were expected to achieve a flow of volumes within the design proposals.

ARCH 201 studios worked on an excavation house in the inspiring context of Gordion Tummulus. The project introduced the students' to the rich world and unsual working-living practices of the archeology community.

ARCH 301 studios continued to explore new residential landscapes in Ankara. The studios adopted a conceptual approach. Studios were initiated with studies on development of design strategies that were more abstract and dependent on the autonomous aspects of architectural thinking.

Arch 401 studios explored this rich urban context to develop proposals to turn this unique town to a travel destination.