Situated on an isthmus, Eğirdir is a town that constantly changes. Throughout the history the town’s waterfront, and the urban fabric has been changing as a result the changing environmental conditions, disasters and human interventions.Arch 401 studios explored this rich urban context to develop proposals to turn this unique town to a travel destination.

The town has rich history and has been occupied as a transit point by Persia, Alexander the Great, Kingdom of Pergamum, the Seleucids, Rome, Byzantium and subsequent empires and has gone by the name of Krozos in antiquity and Prostanna under the Byzantines. The current form of the town is the result of the construction of a causeway which links the two islands to the main shore. After the completion of the causeway the waterfront changed drastically as a result of accumulation of silt that was carried by the currents. The town’s urban fabric has been altered many times by fires.

Today the town presents a rich collage of these incremental changes. We believe the transient nature of the town presents many potentials for urban and landscape interventions.