In Fall 2022, ARCH 201 studios worked on an excavation house in the inspiring context of Gordion Tummulus.

From the Gordion Knot to the stories of King Midas, Gordion is one of the rare settlements whose complex historical and physical layered structure is also the set of mythological epics. This layered structure promises a wealth of information about the Phrygian culture. The archeological research on the site started in 1901 with a brief excavation season. After a long hiatus, the excavation and research restarted in 1960s, and continuously run ever since. The international team of researchers live and work in a repurposed building in the Yassıhöyük Village.

What is desired in this project is the design of an excavation house that is fit to house the research team and archeological findings and to provide space for the study, documentation, and restoration of excavated material.