Basic Design at Bilkent University is conducted collaboratively by the Departments of Architecture, Urban Design and Landscape Architecture and Interior Architecture and Environmental Design. FA 101 Basic Design 1 introduces students to the fundamentals of design and design thinking. The students work on abstract design problems by processing systems and geometrical manipulations.

In Fall 2022, for the final project of the semester, the students worked on The Buzzing Question. “The Buzzing Question” required the students to design with elementary components (e.g., linear and planar elements) while questioning and re-handling all design related terms they were introduced to. The volumetric relations were structured in a system of organization, and they were expected to achieve a flow of volumes within the design proposals.

2022 Fall Instructors:Segah Sak (Course Coordinator), Volkan Acun, Burçak Altay, M. Tahir Ayparlar, Aysu Berk, E. Çağdaş Bilgiç, Deniz Ertek Karlıdağ, M. Tevfik Gürsu, Ayşe Henry, Çağrı İmamoğlu, Sema Karamanoğlu, M. Pınar Uz Baki

Studio Assistants:Helya Fotovvat, Melek Kaynar, Maryam Karbaşı, Elif Mercan