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In Spring 2022, for the final project of the semester, the freshman year students worked on “Two Rooms of Their Own. The design problem was formulated around a scenario where the university decides to provide spaces for temporary residency to successful students. The residency spaces were envisioned as both minimal accommodation units and spaces for creative production and exhibition.

ARCH 202 studios worked on a science museum which allows the visitors to experience human sensory experiences through scientific methods. Located in immediate proximity to the old town of Eskişehir and the trade & business establishments, the project site was by the Porsuk river and close by the tram line.

ARCH 302 focused on an urban expansion project for the town of Gioia del Colle (Bari, Italy). In particular, the area has been selected to be revitalized as a new urban piece to be connected to the existing fabric of the town. The main aim was to empower the core with an integrated system of new public spaces.

The graduation studio continued the production of thesis projects to encourage the fourth year students to further specialize and get ready for the career path that they are willing to pursue.