ARCH 302 aims to develop a comprehensive understanding of architectural design, in particular fostering an investigation of functional complexity, spatial variety, aesthetic and technological components of buildings. Eventually students are expected to master different aspects of the design process, from the creative interpretation of concepts, principles and methods of the architectural discipline, to their organization into a coherent system leading to the full development of an architectural object, in which a general awareness on the concepts of environmental sustainability and building design is also required. In particular Arch 302 is a collaborative studio in a way that seeks for an integration of topics and problems among the design approach developed in the studio and the set of environmental systems and techniques discussed in ARCH 342, Environmental Technology.

For the Spring 2022 ARCH 302 focused on an urban expansion project for the town of Gioia del Colle (Bari, Italy). In particular, the area has been selected to be revitalized as a new urban piece to be connected to the existing fabric of the town. The main aim was to empower the core with an integrated system of new public spaces.