In Spring 2022, ARCH 202 studios worked on a science museum which allows the visitors to experience human sensory experiences through scientific methods. Located in immediate proximity to the old town of Eskişehir and the trade & business establishments, the project site was by the Porsuk river and close by the tram line. The aim of the Science -Museum and the semi-open temporary exhibition space/selling spot in its vicinity, was to serve universally to all age groups and become one of the new meeting and interacting points of the city. One other aim of the project was to stimulate students to the creation of innovative and sustainable design ideas for architecture and urbanism.
The theme of the project was the ‘senses’, so the students were expected to pay special attention to light and color, sound and air, thus; visual, aural and thermal joy, and comfort. The further description and content of the science museum was left to the students as a part of the design problem.