We are excited to announce the fourth event of our 10th-year anniversary events, "Back in Town 4: Architects in Construction." This time, we are proud to welcome back our graduates who have chosen to work in the field of construction. This event will be hosted by our faculty member Glenn Terry Kukkola welcoming three of our graduates with inspiring career journeys;

Doruk Topkaya, Bilkent Architecture '21, MBA Student at METU, Architect at Yazgan Design Architecture

Elif İstanbulluoğlu, Bilkent Architecture '17, Cardiff University '18, Architect and Partner Coordinator at CREE

Elif Naz Yılmaz, Bilkent Architecture '21, Architect at Yıldızlar Grup '22, MSc Student at METU

We are looking forward to seeing all our students and graduates, who have an essential role in the successful journey of Bilkent Architecture!