2022 Fall Studio Works

Explore the work of our students from 2022 Fall Semester.

Egirdir: From Stopover to Destination

Situated on an isthmus, Eğirdir is a town that constantly changes. Throughout the history the town’s waterfront, and the urban fabric has been changing as a result the changing environmental conditions, disasters and human interventions.Arch 401 studios explored this rich urban context to develop proposals to turn this unique town to a travel destination.

ARCH 401, 2022 Fall Instructors:Glenn Terry Kukkola(Course Coordinator), Berrak Erdal, Meral Özdengiz Başak, Yiğit Acar

New Residential Landscape

ARCH 301 is a thematic studio that promotes a fundamental inquiry into the core of architectural discipline focusing on the design of a housing complex. The course aims to develop a comprehensive understanding of architectural design bringing students to face an integrated sequence of tasks, from the design of a set of dwelling units, to the study of their mutual articulation, from the investigation of multiple circulation paths to the design of proper architectural systems to screen the volumes.

2022 Fall Instructors: Özge Selen Duran (Course Coordinator), Giorgio Gasco, Bilkay Begüm Peker, Zeynep Ege Odabaşı

Gordion Excavation House

In Fall 2022, ARCH 201 studios worked on an excavation house in the inspiring context of Gordion Tummulus. The project introduced the students' to the rich world and unsual working-living practices of the archeology community.

2022 Fall Instructors: Zühre Sü Gül (Course Coordinator), Alp Giray Köse, Ezgi İşbilen, Deniz Üçer Erduran

The Buzzing Question

In Fall 2022, for the final project of the semester, the students worked on The Buzzing Question. “The Buzzing Question” required the students to design with elementary components (e.g., linear and planar elements) while questioning and re-handling all design related terms they were introduced to. The volumetric relations were structured in a system of organization, and they were expected to achieve a flow of volumes within the design proposals.

Fall 2022 instructors: Segah Sak (Course Coordinator), Volkan Acun, Burçak Altay, M. Tahir Ayparlar, Aysu Berk, E. Çağdaş Bilgiç, Deniz Ertek Karlıdağ, M. Tevfik Gürsu, Ayşe Henry, Çağrı İmamoğlu, Sema Karamanoğlu, M. Pınar Uz Baki

Open Faculty Positions

Department of Architecture at Bilkent University (BUDA) invites applications for full-time, 12-month appointments at the rank of all levels (Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor) starting as early as Spring 2023 semester. We seek to hire both for research and practice-based positions. Positions are open until they are filled.