Dr. Zühre Sü Gül’s Article has been Nominated as the Technical Area Pick of the Year

Journal of Acoustical Society of America has nominated Dr. Zühre Sü Gül’s article as the technical area pick of the past year on Architectural Acoustics. The study makes use of İstanbul’s Hagia Sophia’s rich formal and material characteristics to conduct a comprehensive investigation of room acoustics coupling.

Reyna Akşirin Won the First Prize in Artworks Design Competition for Green Spaces in Istanbul

Our graduate Reyna Akşirin (2022) won the first prize in Istanbul is Yours: Artworks Design Competition for Green Spaces design competition held by the greater municipality of Istanbul. We congratulate our graduate and her team on their success.

Project team:
Reyna Akşirin, Taner Keskin, Advisors: Metehan Akşirin, İsmail Keskin

2022 Spring Studio Works

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