Exhibition: “Bruno Taut and the house to live in: from Dahlewitz to Ortaköy (1926-1938)"

The German Diplomatic Missions in Turkey in collaboration with the Department of Architecture of Bilkent University (BUDA) presents the thematic exhibition on the work of the German architect Bruno Taut: "2 Countries, 2 Houses, 1 Architect. "Bruno Taut and the house to live in: from Dahlewitz to Ortaköy (1926-1938)". The exhibition will be on display in Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara

Arsuz Life Center

The Arsuz Life Center, which was established after the earthquake to support the well-being of children, youth, women, and disadvantaged individuals in Arsuz, by Füsun Sayek Association for the Development of Health and Education is now open for the community. This center, made possible with support from Turkish Philanthropy Funds (TPF) and the generous contributions of the Butros family, was planned in collaboration with Bilkent University's Faculty of Architecture.

BUDA 10th Anniversary Book

This book is a homage to all the faculty and students who took part in creating this enormous and valuable repertoire. The works and ideas in this book introduce a slice of the accumulated results.

Graduation Studio

Our world is changing rapidly and beset with developmental issues involving growth, sprawl, economic stagnation and stratification, a dearth of open space, congested transport, environmental degradation, as well as socio-cultural isolation. In our continuing search for “sustainable” design and planning solutions, we must consider an array of societal and urban issues. Each graduation thesis tackles the realities of our time in their own unique way.

ARCH 402, 2023 Spring Instructors:Bilkay Begüm Peker, Ezgi İşbilen, Giorgio Gasco, Meral Özdengiz Başak, Yiğit Acar

Breaking the Boundaries Interlacing in The Re-Developing Urban Edges of Ulus, Ankara

During the Spring Term of 2022-2023, ARCH 302 undertook a compelling initiative centered around pushing the boundaries in the urban edges of Ulus, Ankara (Turkey). The specific focus was on reinterpreting this area as a fresh urban interface that transcends its existing limits, aiming to foster expanded dimensions for diverse urban dialogues and enhance permeability along the edges of Ulus. These edges have historically been vital production and social centers for the city's development. The primary objective of this project was to fortify the core of the urban edges by implementing an integrated system of innovative public spaces.

ARCH302, 2023 Spring Instructors:Özge Selen Duran (Course Coordinator), Glenn Terry Kukkola, Zeynep Ege Odabaşı

Thematic Library of Moda District

In Spring 2023, Arch 202 studios worked on a thematic library in the lively Moda district of İstanbul. This exciting project granted the freedom to propose the theme and content for the district library, allowing for innovative and individual design ideas to flourish.

ARCH 202, 2022 Spring Instructors:Zühre Sü Gül (Course Coordinator), Deniz Üçer, Segah Sak, Aslıhan Günhan, Alp Giray Köse