ARCH 401 Design Studio is intended for students in the fourth year Architecture program, and focuses on Architectural design, technology, integrated design and historic preservation and context. The design studio covers engages some of the traditional stages of design development such as site analysis, conceptual and schematic design, and design development inclusive of programmatic requirements, however the design process, in some ways, diverge from traditional methods to also take into consideration design decisions which are usually made later in the traditional approach, such as the early selection of building systems and technology.

For the Fall Term 2021-2022, ARCH 401 studios worked on an a-typical building program, the time interactive center for travelers, in Amasra. The time interactive center was intended as a place for visitors to experience the historical-spatial narrative of the city. It did not follow conventional models of museum, cultural, tourist centers. While it had some of the programmatic features of such typologies it was developed and organized around sensory experience and movement. Therefore, the primary focus of the studio was to design spatial narratives through movement, circulation, and sequence with unique informative experiences.

2021 Fall Instructors:Glenn Terry Kukkola (Course Coordinator), Yiğit Acar, Meral Özdengiz Başak, Işıl Sencar Ertosun

Teaching Assistant:Houssame Eddine Hsain