“Project Brief”

Students were asked to design a 450 seated Auditorium for Bilkent University which will primarily be used for speech (lectures, seminars) and less frequently to be used for small size, such as solo instrument, music performances. The intention was to design a space with proper (in terms of function and ambience) lighting conditions by combining both natural and artificial lighting strategies in the first step and next to provide proper acoustic conditions, without any acoustical defect, and which does not necessitate an electronic enhancement. Both lighting and acoustic design should satisfy the relevant objective and subjective criteria defined for the auditoriums. Auditorium is to be located in a self-standing building within the campus, with its foyer and back of house areas (stage tower, backstage, audio-visual control room, one translation booth, reception, vestibule, a small cafe and restrooms). The enclosing dimensions of the building envelope is given in Appendix A. You may introduce a hall design with any shape or configuration within the given borders. They were also free to orient the building envelope as you like according to the sun direction