“Project Brief”

In Spring 2019 ARCH 302 focused on the redevelopment plan for the central region of the city of Antalya. In particular, four areas have been selected around the historical core of the city to be re-fashioned within a new coherent urban system, in the aim to empower the core with an integrated system of public spaces.

Re-organization of the site with a dense articulation of mixed functional areas was the studio's main theme. The main aim was a general re-generation of the entire city center through the activation of a series of strategical urban nodes. The main reference framework was based on the idea of "Urban Acupuncture" devised by Oriol Bohigas for the urban regeneration of Barcelona for the Olympic Games in 1992. This strategy, later known as Barcelona Model, implies a shift from the urban plan focus to an urban project focus, the latter referring to the design of an intermediate scale in the aim to ensure quality both to architectural interventions and public spaces. In particular the very essence of public space is central here in a way that regenerated public areas may work as urban linking device. Local, specific interventions based on the distribution of new facilities and installations to ensure a better quality for the city as whole.

The project implies the construction of a new urban structure in which a collection of places would be integrated. Eventually a number of close range complex areas would be generated, each characterized by an urban mix of functions, from guest facilities to offices, from commercial zones to cultural cores, from research and workshops areas to entertainment grounds.