“Project Brief”

URBAN CORNER FOR ARTS AND CULTURE is a design proposal to take place at the edge of Atatürk Boulevard which is one of the most important arteries of Ankara. It’s the main axis starting from Ulus, continues with Kızılay up to Çankaya playing the role of “city center” since 1920’s for Ankara.

The corner site has a unique location as part of Atatürk Boulevard which has a symbolic value since the Republican Period. Therefore, it is important to acknowledge the Architecture of Republican Period, which has impacts on the history of Turkish Architecture, specifically Ankara.

Also from the public point of view, the larger area, Tunalı Hilmi and Kavaklıdere still play an important role for the public life of the city as one of the most crowded pedestrian zones.

Significant buildings/parks: Cenap And House, Kuğulu Park, Tunalı Hilmi Avenue, Tennis Club are only some of the very important assets of the area, which must be further examined. Also there exist some buildings/places which, although they may not carry architectural significance, are parts of collective memory for the public (for ex: DR bookstore and Kıtır). Besides, Atatürk Boulevard hosts many Foreign Embassies of the capital. Therefore, at the research phase it is very critical to examine all the surrounding buildings, parks, structures in terms of their architectural, historical, physical, formal values, in order to propose a contextually powerful design.

As architects we have the power as well the responsibility to create environments which generate communication, interaction even education for the public. Thus the building you are to design should not only provide these criteria for its users/visitors but also, just by its location at the city center, it’s expected to act as a landmark of Arts and Culture.