“Project Brief”

This design problem is about customizing a temporary living environment in a settlement within nature. `Peer-to-peer renting’ concept covers the occupancy of guests as well as hosts in a shared housing. The project is composed of two phases. In the first phase, students generated an overall design scheme, a master plan, for a cluster of rentable units in the given site. In the second phase, they designed one of the units in their own proposal in detail.

The site for peer-to-peer renting clusters is located in Adrasan, Antalya, which is a bay town on the ancient Lycian trail. The town is surrounded by the Taurus Mountains on the north, south and west, and bordered with the coast of Mediterranean Sea on its east side.The specific project site is located on the south-east of the valley, nearly 250 m away from the coast.

Students were expected to re-think about the relationship of the spaces in a rentable dwelling and the activities that take place. They were flexible to propose the number of people living in (hosts) or renting (guests) the unit.