“Project Brief”

This revitalization project focused on the development of a mixed use urban waterfront node along the Ankara River watershed basin as it passes north of three strategically located Universities – METU, Bilkent and Hacettepe Universities. More specifically the site is located within the undeveloped open spaces south of the river and north of Bilkent Center. This development offers Ankara a sustainable urban prototype, and provides each of the afore-mentioned universities research facilities in all fields of study related to sustainability. Its design and infrastructure highlights advances in sustainability i.e. net zero architecture, urban fabric that embraces the principles of smart growth, alternative sources of energy, urban agriculture, water conservation and purification strategies, wildlife and river basin conservation and remediation, etc. The site’s importance as a potential catalyst in the development of a collaborative research center as well as a sustainable urban prototype in the reimaging of Ankara’s central urban fabric, its economic potential, scale, and proximity to potential interconnected greenways suggest vast potential, both in terms of the scale of and variety of design and planning interventions possible. The studio exposed students to urban sustainability and community revitalization theory and application as well as the design and development of complex architectural interventions within said sustainable master plan. It also discussed the implementation of Architectural, Landscape Architectural and Planning strategies in urban design and community development. The studio’s collaborative environment was modeled on several of the more successful international design and planning firms’ management policies and design methodologies. Seminar-style lectures were coordinated with immediate opportunities to apply the information in the design studio environment. Students alternatively worked collaboratively on master planning tasks as well as individually on specific architectural projects of their choice.

Studio Book