Semra Uygur
February 23, 2015; Monday
13:40 - FFB06

Semra Uygur (Biography)

Mrs. Uygur received her B.Arch in 1980 and M.Arch in 1984 from Middle East Technical University in Ankara. She worked in private architectural offices between 1981 and 1983. She is the founder of Uygur Architects jointly with her partner and spouse Özcan Uygur in 1986. Mrs. Uygur has been awarded 39 prizes, 7 of these being the first prize and honourable mentions in various international and national architectural competitions. Mrs. Uygur has also participated in many national and international architectural competitions as a jury member.

Some of the awards she has been granted are:
• CERMODERN, Turkish Private Architects Association 2010 Design Award
• TED Ankara College, ARKITERA 2005 Employer Award
• TED Ankara College, Turkish Concrete Suppliers Union 2004 Honour Award
• TED Ankara College, Turkish Chamber of Architects and Engineers 9th National Architectural Awards, 2004 Building Success Award