Fire Safety Design Aspects For Architects
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Abstract : Modern day buildings are designed by considering several variables associated with some challenging factors – e.g., aesthetics, functionality, cost, environmental sustainability, structural integrity, serviceability and code compliance. Apart from these, the complexity and the size of these buildings mandate attention on another specific subject, which is often disregarded but may alter the design of the of building: Fire Safety. If the adopted approach is conventional prescriptive fire safety concept, architects do read fire codes and fire safety engineers do work closely with architects to design fire safe buildings, but as the complexity of building increases and the more time constraint is in charge, the achieved collaboration is less effective. Therefore, there is a continuous need to raise awareness on Fire Safety design issues of buildings, which will lead to an optimised, effective collaborative design process between engineers and architects. This presentation aims to put forth an overview of fire safety requirements in buildings to be considered during design stage for such a purpose. Furthermore, it also aims to sprout the idea behind fire science for new beginners.

Biography : Speaker Oral Demircioğlu is one of the managing partners of Karina Design and Consultancy Co. In addition to being an Electrical Engineer (BSC: Kocaeli University) he has been serving as a Fire Protection Specialist for nearly two decades within the sector. He has developed wide range of expertise having delivered fire engineering services to a large number of flagship projects across a multiple sector in several countries up to now. He is an NFPA Certified Fire Protection Specialist (CFPS) and a professional member of Society of Fire Protection Engineers in USA. Karina is an independent company of architects, engineers, consultants and technical specialists providing service solely on fire and life safety. It was launched in 1994 by achieving support of Turkish Government as Small-Medium Enterprises Organisation (KOSGEB) and of Middle East Technical University (METU) within the framework of “Knowledge-Based Small-Scale Enterprises Technological Development Promotion Program”. Today Karina offers full and interdisciplinary (architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, operational aspects) service range not only in terms of conventional prescriptive fire safety concept, but also in terms of performance-based approach for the design, construct and operational cycles of the built environment.