Four Projects Selected for Mimarhane 2021 Projects Review
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Studio projects of our graduates Cansu Türker, Gökçe Tekin, Zeynep Berra Kırbaşoğlu (Spring 2021), and our student Yusuf Alperen Bayır are selected as a part of the Projects Review organized by Mimarhane. We congratulate our graduates and students on their success. Mimarhane 2021 Projects review received 426 applications from all schools of architecture in Turkey. The top ranking 20 projects were selected for exhibition and the top ranking 10 projects were included in the awards group. Cansu Türker’s project (Arch 402, İşbilen/Acar) was included in the award group. Berra Kırbaşoğlu’s project (Arch 401, Kukkola), Gökçe Tekin’s project (Arch 402, İşbilen/Acar) and Yusuf Alperen Bayır’s project (Arch 302, Duran) were selected for the exhibition.

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