For the Spring Term 2019-20 the students of Arch 202, Architectural Design Studio worked on two design proposals. Starting the term with a warm-up project with focus on structural systems, students explored various supporting systems, along with their structural behaviors, material qualities and details. Then, for the second project, students worked on Community Center Design for Incesu, Ankara. The initial stages of the design process started with research and site analysis which are developed as group works. At the individual design proposal stages, each student developed their unique contribution as a response to the existing conditions addressing the problems of the site. As well as the physical and architectural considerations, the social structure of the neighborhood, environmental sensibilities and sustainability issues have been the main criteria for design proposals, handling the area in its larger urban context. Finally, all of our students successfully created site-specific design proposals which are unique in their aims to create identity for the neighborhood through a new Community Center Design as a generator of social relations and new working possibilities in interactive and participational ways.

2020 Spring Instructors:Zühre Sü Gül(course coordinator), Berna Tanverdi, Cem Korkmaz, Chen-Yu Chiu

Teaching Assistants:Berin Barut, Rozhin Namae