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Architecture is a discipline that integrates art and technology. Architects are responsible for shaping the built environment around us. Buildings that are integral parts of our lives, such as houses, schools, hotels, hospitals, offices, sports centers and malls are all designed by architects.

The emergence of architecture as a distinguished discipline dates back to antiquity, when many monuments and public buildings were constructed. The occupation of an architect as a 'designer and builder' is first discussed by the Roman architect Vitruvius in one of the earliest treatises on architecture in the first century B.C. Since ancient times, architectural culture has guided arts and society and created significant movements that shaped different ages. Similarly, today's architectural designs will shape our daily environment and act as representatives of our times. The criteria for architectural education are determined with the understanding of this important role and social impact of the profession.

The aim of Bilkent University's Department of Architecture is to graduate students with architectural skills that will enable them to practice all around the world. Design studios rest at the curriculum's core. Starting from the first year, students participate in the enjoyable learning experience of the design studio through projects undertaken either individually or in groups. In the second year, design studios are carried out in collaboration with other departments of the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture. This collaboration introduces architectural students to the concepts of interiors, environmental design, urban design, and landscape architecture. The following third and fourth year studios allow students to specialize in various areas of architecture. The architectural curriculum comprises courses in mathematics, physics, arts and culture. Also, the courses within the curriculum put emphasis on issues of energy efficiency, environmental concerns, sustainability, and preservation of historical heritage. Students are prepared for future professional life through summer practices held in offices and construction sites.

Graduates of Bilkent University, Department of Architecture, shall have adequate formation that allows them to be employed in local and international architectural offices and related government branches. They can also establish their own practices. The ever-growing nature of the construction sector paves way for young architects to have business opportunities. The graduates of this department who choose to pursue their education through graduate studies will aim at well-known universities around the world.

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