ARCH 252 - Construction and Building Materials
Spring 2013-14

May 19-30, 2014
Meteksan Plaza

Inspired by the craft of weaving, the students of ARCH 252 Design/Build Lab at Bilkent University are pleased to introduce their first built project. The art of weaving has a history that spans as far back as the days of human’s early settlements. Our Turkish textile arts have won the admiration of the world with their motifs, colors and materials. The Kilim project use forms that symbolize the sacredness of the male/female figures and we incorporated the principles of weaving in the structure and furnishings using wood dismantled from shipping pallets, increasing awareness of materials reuse and enhancing sustainable design thinking, optimization and flexibility.

The Design/Build Lab is part of ARCH 252 Construction and Building Materials courses taught by Dr. Ahmed K. Ali. The D/B Lab is the departure point for a larger initiative; The Building Technology, Materials and Fabrication Lab (BT-MFL) which intends to be a vital component of the Department and the university at large, focusing on manufacturing, fabrication, prototyping and construction means & methods and the subsequent testing and analysis of fabricated assemblies and materials. The BT-MFL intends to support the education of architecture by demonstrating building products, process innovation and multidisciplinary collaboration. Find out more at Design/Build Website

This project is dedicated to the victims of Some mine disaster.