For the Spring Term 2019-2020 ARCH 302 focuses on the revitalization and redefinition of Flaminio District of the City of Rome. In particular, this specific region has been selected to be redefined with its historical and contemporary urban features in order to be revitalized within a new coherent urban system, in the aim to empower the core with an integrated system of public spaces.

IDEA> Re-organize the site with a dense articulation of mixed functional areas. The main aim would be a general revitalization and redefinition of the selected city portion through the activation of a series of strategically urban nodes. In particular the very essence of public space is central here in a way that regenerated public areas may work as urban revitalization catalyzers. The main aim is to revitalize the existing urban fabric and find new functional duties for large urban voids. Local, specific interventions based on the distribution of new facilities and installations to ensure a better quality for the city as whole. Eventually a number of close range complex areas would be generated, each characterized by an urban mix of functions, from guest facilities to offices, from commercial zones to cultural cores, from research and workshops areas to entertainment grounds.

SITE> Flaminio is among the first 15 neighborhoods born in 1911, officially established in 1921. Over the years the prestige of this neighborhood has grown, which has become a sort of cultural container, thanks to the numerous museums, theaters and multifunctional centers (such as the Auditorium Parco della Musica ). In recent years the value of the properties has increased to such an extent that it equates the area to the historic center. Until the end of the nineteenth century the long straight road of via Flaminia reached the ancient Milvio bridge through a flat expanse of fields periodically flooded by the floods of the river, which made settlement in the area unfavorable.

Arch 302 Studios offer a rich design experience in a challenging urban context in one of the World's gratest cities.