Beyza Yazıcı, one of our graduate students at the Department of Architecture, has been studying on Acoustic Meta-materials (AMMs) in her thesis research. AMMs are high-tech materials with extreme properties of sound absorption and transmission in specific configurations. Their potential application in architectural systems are being searched after and the optimization process is currently on-going. AMMs have various advantageous in comparison to the traditional acoustical materials such that they can be re-used, they are less allergenic and hygienic, and appropriate for saving space as can be applied in thinner sections. Depending upon the base material transparent AMMs can also be produced. AMMs can be used as a design element in form of a lighted furniture, as a wall system or an interior partition, and as an interior surface layer.

Special thanks are extended to Renan Gökyay, partner of Nurus, for providing 3D CNC printer opportunity and having an important role for starting up this study on AMMs.