Department of Architecture, Bilkent University, 06800 Ankara - TURKEY,
Architecture is a long-standing field with history that dates back to human beings' very first interactions with the environment, for shelter and protection. Today, it is also a thriving field with a variety of specializations across a range of topics. Our curriculum embraces the interdisciplinary nature of architecture and provides an excellent environment for students to engage with the foundational aspects of it, in addition to current issues and recent developments.

Bilkent University is a leading research university whose "educational philosophy rests on the premise that those who produce new knowledge also have the best potential to impart it." In compliance with this philosophy, our educational program is committed to cultivate students' will for learning how to learn. Our faculty is devoted to educating critical and independent thinkers as well as conducting research in different areas of architecture. Our physical environment supports our educational philosophy; the department is facilitated with spacious studios, classrooms with projectors, auditoriums, computer labs, photography studios, and a copy center. Students also benefit from one of the largest and the best architectural library collections in the country.

Meltem Ö. Gürel, Head, Department of Architecture
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