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DAY 1: 13 JUNE, Monday

On the bus towards S.Vito
Polignano a Mare
Nicola Panzini explaining traditional Houses in Locorotondo
Trulli in Alberobello
DAY 2: 14 JUNE, Tuesday

Castel Del Monte
Castel del Monte: One of the rooms on the upper level
Trani: lunch break
Trani: The Cathedral from the esplanade in front of the sea
Trani: The Cathedral inside
DAY 3: 15 JUNE, Wednesday

Sospiri filled with cream: A supply of energy for the first day of workshop
In the studio at the Politecnico of Bari
DAY 6: 18 JUNE, Saturday

Matera: The Cistern of Palombaro
Matera: Old district Sassi
DAY 8: 20 JUNE, Monday

Towards final presentation: wooden model of the masterplan 1:500
Bari Politecnico: Ready to present
Bari Politecnico: The final boards on display
Bari Politecnico: Details of the event
Bari Politecnico: The two masterplans and the model
Bari Politecnico: Group photo
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