Thursday, November 23, 2017
12:40 - FFB-05
Yiğit Acar, Ph.D.

The academic practices of digital humanities utilize digital tools and traditional texts, maps, historical accounts and images to explore relationships that were earlier difficult to comprehend. Imbued with the culture of open source programming and personal GIS systems, the field is rapidly developing. The lecture includes introductory information and examples from two research projects to discuss about possible uses of digital humanities tools in theory of architecture and urbanism.

Yiğit Acar, Ph.D. (Biography) 

Yiğit Acar is a recent PhD. graduate from METU. He also received his Msc. in Urban Design from the same university. His research practice is shaped around the concept of mapping, both physical and conceptual. He has been exploring theory of architecture and urban design to gather insights on our way of thinking through the production of conceptual maps and atlases.